Oh those Summer Nights!!!!

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I cant sleep? As in the words of Grease ‘But oh those Summer Nights’ So what do you do when you cant sleep? I know that I lie there dreaming up impossible recipes wondering which one is going to make me a million or have TV companies running to me to make me offers I simply cant refuse. I bring myself down stairs and make that inevitable cup of tea and jot down my ideas.

But what else do we do when we cant sleep, think of things that you’ve not done be them practical or not? Lie and remember? Do you lie there and imagine a word where you get it ‘right’ where everything you say or do has the best possible outcome? Do you rehearse conversations that in the cold light of day you know is going to be difficult?  Do you pretend that you act and behave in a very noble and honourable manner? I know I do. But there’s something about 3am and lying in bed being all things to all men, (I mean that metaphorically not physically) I am actually quite perfect at 3am I say and do all the right things in my head, I’m also 5ft 9 and a size 10!!!! My baking is perfect and I live in a converted barn in Settle with my man, several dogs writing cookery books looking like Nigella.

So I get up and there it is reality! But, what’s wrong with dreams be them when your awake or asleep? they are just goals that manifest in the subconscious and what I want to say to you is that don’t ignore these fantasies that appear at 3am work with them, own them and play with them! Just remember that most of them are achievable I say most, I’m never going to 5ft 9in look like Nigella or be a size 10 unless we are looking at each side of me (left size 10 and so is the right) but I can work at being a size 12 that is a compromise, that is my 3am dream combined with reality.  My latest baking recipe can work out once I’ve added and incorporated the morning reality, boy that is a real achievement and I can feel it!

What does all of this mean to you my dear reader? It means never stop dreaming, pretending and playing what you see in your thoughts at that magic hour of 3am just might come to fruition when you mix it with that touch of reality that the morning brings. So baking, working, sport, gardening walking or where ever you want to apply the concept can all be a beautiful mix of reality and dreams.

To close, I know that  in my 3am thoughts I also think of those I love and wonder if I remembered I’d told them I loved them? So in the words of Garth Brooks, ” tell that someone that you love, just what your thinking of if tomorrow never comes”

Sandy xxx


6 comments on “Oh those Summer Nights!!!!”

  1. elaine burtle says:

    lovely to read Sandy

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Thank you Elaine x

  2. Liz ives says:

    Just made the Yorkshire Fat Rascals – lovely ..
    Nearest ones ever to my favourite ones at Betty’s.

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Thank you, try different fruit? I’m going too

  3. Sally Dee says:

    Reading this at 3:30 am! With a tear, a sigh and maybe some hope. Thank you Sandy

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Hold the dream Sally xx

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