Bet you thought I’d left the country?


Sorry I’ve been absent from here and chatting to you all. But what a state this country is in. Watching Brexit!!! and the US elections and such madness all around the world, what’s happening?

I’ve been trying to get myself on track just like the country and the world, and it seems that baking and music are helping. What a beautiful combination of warm delicious smells and warm delicious music get me emotive.

In someway when the world has baking and music there must be some good in it.  Can we start to see the good this world has to offer? Beautiful countryside and exciting cities, fabulous tastes and flavours to explore all topped of by wonderful people and nations. I’m not being too romantic I know only too well about the depravity, war and hatred that goes on all around us and we must constantly strive to eradicate the word of hatred and live in some kind of peace and acceptance of difference.

But here in my kitchen all I can do right now (today) is bake and cook and listen to music. When I do this I miss people I love and miss my little dog who shared so much of my life and secrets but I can create new ideas and simple ways to get the world baking and try to live up to my website and bake down some barriers. Please join me and without sounding to naïve lets make a pie? a pie of peace and wrap this struggling wounded world of ours in some of the good things it has to offer.


Sandy xx



4 comments on “Bet you thought I’d left the country?”

  1. Sally D @saturnexpress says:

    Blessed to come across your post here Sandy.

    Many of the same thoughts of how music can help overcome the darkness in our world as I watched The Rolling Stones documentary last night on Channel 4 about their first ever concert in Cuba in the same week Obama visited 80 years since the last US president had.

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Hi Sally
      Always good to hear from you. So pleased you ‘got it’ music is so special, it says and thinks thing for me when I cant find the words. Glad to see you feel the same way.
      Sandy xx

  2. I’m with you, Sandy. But I would have to add a little bit of gardening into the mix too. Great stress buster and good for the soul.

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      OOPS I totally agree that Gardening is a stress buster too. xxx

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