Yorkshire Lass in the Dales




I have to tell you about my trip to the Wensleydale Creameries, where they make the world famous and most fabulous range of Wensleydale cheese. I took some new recipes with me (which I have included on my website) I made a cheese cake including a fruit cake base and a savoury pie.

That’s the official introduction done, but what I found there was a tremendous welcome and an extremely friendly group of people.  This makes me think that here is a company very much in the business of producing a quality product with competition from other companies. Yet there was very much a friendly atmosphere from all the staff. I know that this organisation is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the country (or the world if you’re from Yorkshire) and this must go someway towards the caring and warm environment I found myself in. But I think that this is the norm and it shows that no matter how big the industry human kindness, pride and the value of people goes a long towards to what is one of the finest products there is to eat.

With this in mind I have to say that when we cook and bake with the best ingredients we can afford we reap the benefits of a most delicious hand crafted final bake.  I must urge you to not let it stop you baking if you are ‘strapped’ for cash, but to just add a few more pence will give you some amazing results.

When we combine the fine foods we have around us and our love of baking we can only bring a little happiness to this troubled world.  I know it wont stop wars and cease the unpleasant things that happen but in our homes we can share a little love through the food we eat and share.  We owe our culinary gratitude to the men and women who take the time and effort to bring us such quality produce and its our duty to make the most of their efforts in our cooking and baking.

Thank you Wensleydale Creameries and long may you continue to reign.

Sandy xx

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  1. Darren S says:

    Great write up of an enjoyable day

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