Be the story teller.



I came across a saying the other day that has stuck with me. “Walking leaves you speechless but then makes you a story teller”  What wonderful words when you start to analyse what this means. Its true when we are walking or travelling we see things that make us speechless. But! then when we get home how excited are we in telling other of the wonders we have seen?

Cooking and baking can do exactly the same, it can’t take us round the word (or can it?) it can’t show us sights to behold? (or can it?) but what it can certainly do its make you into the most imaginative story teller.

Who cooks and bakes things that they were taught by their family or shown at school? and with that recipe who attaches some event, or description of a face or personality associated.  I do!  and I take great enjoyment in sharing by experiences with whoever will listen. Even if they don’t listen I still insist on telling my tale.

Food has a language all of its own, its the only language I know that has the same dialect the world over. Its a language that everyone can understand. Even if people don’t like eating or ‘food’ they seem to enjoy talking about what they don’t like.

What can we do with this very special language how do we share and how do we become true story tellers? How do we steal the imagination of others? and help them to embrace such an exiting story that is food?

I believe that if we never loose our own enthusiasm for food, never forget the joy of experiencing quality ingredients, or giving and sharing what we make to other, we uphold the beauty of the story behind what ever we are making. It is our duty to nurture and enthuse others to see what we see. Travel and take on new tastes and bring these back to practice and demonstrate to our families and friends, accompanied by the story that goes with it.

We have long lives ahead of us and in that life a lot of food to eat either for enjoyment or out of necessity. So we must make our tastes as varied and as relative as we can?  We need to sit round the table and share experiences of the changes we see in each dinner we eat.  This sharing of stories can only lead to insighting our young to grow and develop their own stories . In fact its only by our youth hearing our stories that they can start to build their own set of food related adventures.

Just for example to explain myself, think of A Battenburg cake? make of up of coloured squares wrapped in marzipan. But apparently this cake was made to celebrate a wedding in the region of Battenburg and it was to remind to bride of the banquet hall floor. I think that is right if not its similar but a story all the same.

One of my own stories: Coming home from school to find my mum with the tea towel wrapped around her bleeding thumb! “corned beef for tea tonight Mum?” “Yes how did you know” ” you always cut your hand opening the tin with a key” …………….  I can do some amazing things with corned beef least of all a puff pastry corned beef plait, but never fail to think of my poor mum and another ruined tea towel.

Happy story telling. Tell me some of yours?

Sandy xxx

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