cooking baking, baking cooking, golf and walking its all therapy

016Its been a while since I last had a chat to you all, there’s no excuse but I want to talk to you today about how baking and cooking can be very much a therapy. Baking and cooking because that’s what I know about but I mean anything that gives you a practical ‘lift’ playing a sport, sewing, or gardening have all the same therapeutic effect on the ‘soul’. Recently you maybe aware that I lost my precious little dog, the most loyal best friend I think I’ve ever had. Its so very hard to get over her as in her life time we have both experienced some profound life changing events together. I’ve walked a lot, and I’ve baked a lot and this has started to help me process what I need to do as I venture forward in life on my own.

Its through my baking and cooking that I can process what I think and feel about so many things. I always thought that deeper emotions was something one should not share, but as I grow older I see more and more people in need of finding strategies to help them ‘cope’.  Cooking and baking is one such strategy it may also bring you some piece of mind, or some mental space to process any trapped emotions.

Cooking and baking is and can be repetitive and this action has more benefits than you might think. When the mind is occupied in something repetitive it becomes calm and relaxes this is a Psychological fact its the same if someone was playing golf the repetition of a game of golf or digging a hole all have the same calming effect on the brain. The brain is like the body and when its relaxed it becomes revived and renewed. This then leads to be able to make a more informed decision on more important things.

So! to sum up, making a cake, bread or biscuits not only brings a warm loving aroma to your home, it brings a smile to the faces of your loved ones when faced with a plate of loveliness. It actually  supports your brain and emotions to make the right decision about the deeper routed things that we all need to think about.

Next time your worried, upset, need some clarity or just hungry try baking or cooking something and let your subconscious mind work it out for you.

Sandy xxx

2 comments on “cooking baking, baking cooking, golf and walking its all therapy”

  1. Katy yatey says:

    And knitting Sandy…..

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Of course knitting my apologies

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