The all new Bake Off and me

We’ll its here and I’m history? or am I? I had this worry that my beautiful ride would be over once the new series started. But I woke up this morning and realised that there is room for everyone in this game. Personalities are different and varied as each face that walks around. I think that this wobble is what society calls ‘self esteem’ I use this phrase a lot at school and support young people with what a ‘low self esteem’ is and how to over come it.

Yet here I am feeling that very same low self esteem myself. I suppose on reflection I’ve always felt it but what does it really mean? Does it mean that no one understands me, likes me or ‘gets me’ yes. I suppose it does or at least my understanding is that low self esteem is ones perception of what others think.

Lets get real about all this and then I’ll bring my thinking back round to baking and bake off. A friend said to me the other day that he was meeting people who said they wanted to find someone that knew them better than they know themselves. This ‘trendy’ statement is used quite a lot in the relationship game. But! in all honesty how can we expect someone (know to us or not) get who we are and eradicate ‘low self esteem’ when we don’t know ourselves in the first place.

The mission is to be ok with you . I say ok as a stating point as its a tall order to say “like ones self” its the ultimate but difficult to achieve.Personally I find it very difficult to actually say “I like me” but I’m willing to work on ‘I’m ok with me’ I’m willing to look at my self esteem and see if I can address it, rearrange it, tweak it or change it. How? I went on bake off, but that’s what I did, what will you do? to tell yourself your ok, it doesn’t have to be a public show but it does have to be a personal mission that satisfies you.

Baking has brought me some tremendous adulation that I never thought I would experience, its doesn’t cuddle me or kiss me goodnight (but I have my imagination for that) but I have found that my self esteem is mending when my baking/cooking is liked. So am I concerned that there is a new set of bakers to challenge my ‘celebrity’? or is it a group of people just like me looking to address their self esteem, looking to see if they are happy with “I’m ok”.

My eyes with remain unique and your finger prints will also remain unique. Together our thoughts, feelings and opinions will also be unique and yes, our cooking baking or however we express ourselves will remain unique and all I can say Bravo for what ever it is you choose to say “I’m ok” and I’m working towards ‘I like me’.

Sandy xx

4 comments on “The all new Bake Off and me”

  1. Pam Walker says:

    It was still lovely to meet you at the Great British Food Show and you were very encouraging. That won’t stop now that there is a new Bake Off. Take care and thank you

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Thank you so much for that Pam and I wont stop, actually I don’t think I can stop now. See you again sometime

  2. Kathryn Light says:

    I’m so proud of my oldest friend for everything which you have achieved. You’ve worked so very hard, your commitment is unquestionably. Everything that comes to you is deserved. You are a breath of fresh air to everyone. Yes you are unique please don’t ever change

  3. Claire withers says:

    Sandy you are ‘ok’ with you but everyone else who knows you thinks you are amazing, you have personality in bucket loads, humour, sensitivity and humility. You have so much that doesn’t come naturally to so many others. You are unique for all the right reasons and I’m proud to call you my friend! ( even if you did miss you wedding to boost your career) no seriously- no one has worked harder than you since leaving GBBO and no one deserves success more than you because not only hard work but emotion and passion go into your baking and you care that people love it and you care too much that people love you, anyone with half a brain cell will see what we see and adore you xxx

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