Fruit Cake to go with this weeks blog.

IMAG0203Fruit Cake

This recipe was given to me by a colleague whose aunty gave it to her, I’ve tweaked here and there but nevertheless a big thank you to Maggie and aunty Madge.

It’s difficult to advise which size tin to use but the mixture makes about an 8in/20cm round tin (not a sandwich tin)

I’ve made individual size and bun size (lined with bun cases) just enjoys yourself.

One of the main things you need is a plastic box with a lid to ‘soak’ the fruit. This is vital and a week or two soaking is just the best but if you’ve only a couple of days it will be fine. A no inexpensive sherry is the most ideal to soak your fruit in. If you don’t use alcohol then a grape juice or fresh orange juice would do but then put it in the fridge and don’t soak for any longer than a couple of days.

Pre heat the oven to 180c / gas 2/3


4oz / 100gms soft butter

4oz/100gms soft brown sugar

4oz /100gms plain flour (I sometimes use Wholemeal)

3 eggs

1tsp ground mixed spice

1 ½ lbs /750gms fruit (this can be any combination you like, mixed dried fruit, mostly currants, mostly sultanas, raisins etc, peel, cherries, chopped or flaked nuts)


Soak all the fruit and nuts in the plastic container; just add enough fluid to come just under half way up the fruit. Put on the lid and shake depending on how long you are soaking the fruit for keep turning the box over and mixing the fruit.

When you are ready to make the cake, cream the butter and sugar, add the beaten eggs and mix in the flour and mixed spice. Tip in the fruit and mix well. That’s it !!!

Fill the tin or tins remember it won’t rise so back the mixture in tight. Bake long and slow. I can’t give you and exact time but and 8in cake could take about 2 hours, put if you put a skewer in and it comes out clean is still a good test.

Leave in the tin for 20 minutes to firm up and then turn it out onto a wire rack to cool.

4 comments on “Fruit Cake to go with this weeks blog.”

  1. Hilary Asquith` says:

    I listened to your spot on Nick Ahad’s show on Saturday morning (12 November) and thought what an uncomplicated recipe so I will have a go and see what transpires.

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Thank you so much for listening.
      Get your fruit soaking if you cant manage the full time a couple of days will do. It really is uncomplicated and a lovely tasting cake. Please let me know how you get on. The recipe is also on this website as ‘Fruit cake’
      Good luck


  2. Laura Elliott says:

    I made this fruit cake as my Christmas cake and it is a winner! Sandy came to Harrogate to give a brilliant talk to the Spa Sweethearts WI and I got to sample some of hers. Decided to make it myself and soaked the fruit for 6 weeks. It tastes amazing and it’s so simple! Thanks Sandy!

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Thank you Laura for that feedback. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget that this cake is not just for Christmas time. Always hand to have one in ready to serve with cheese for those unexpected guests.
      I loved coming and talking to you all at Spa always ready to chat some more.
      Take care

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