Try this old fashioned pud and you’ll never stop making it


Dutch fruit flan

This recipe is so very versatile and can be used with any fruit you like. I often replace 100gms of the flour with ground almonds and a touch of almond extract. I then sprinkle flaked almonds on the top before baking. Other variations: cinnamon added to the base mix, ginger added to the mix especially if using rhubarb, chocolate chips added to the base and then sliced pears on top. The combinations are endless and as always I want you to make it your own.

It makes a welcome after dinner desert or something special for tea time. Serve it with double cream or lashings of custard but my favourite and it’s hard to admit it but evaporated milk is the best over a warmed slice!!!!


225gms Self raising flour

125gms butter

100gms sugar

1 egg

Fruit of your choice (sliced)


Pre head the oven at gas 5 or 150c

Rub the sugar, flour and butter till resembles fine bread crumbs , mix in the beaten egg may need a touch of milk depending on the size of the egg.

The mixture does not need to come together in a ball as the mixture is then to be pressed into a tin, (the base mixture need to be about 1cm deep)

Slice and arrange the fruit on top, make this decorative sprinkle with a little sugar and a few knobs of butter and bake until golden brown and the base mixture has puffed up around the fruit.




2 comments on “Try this old fashioned pud and you’ll never stop making it”

  1. Sylvia Vaughan says:

    What size tin please.

    1. Sandy Docherty says:

      Hi Sylvia, I’ve used the long tart tin approx. 3in by 10in and laid the rhubarb in strips.
      An 8in round cake tin and the fruit arranged in wedge style looks good.
      If you use a smaller cake tin the base is more cakey if you use a larger tin the base is slightly more biscuit.
      Enjoy, let me know.

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